Okayama City  岡山市

The foundation of Okayama City as a modern-day city were established between about the 16th and 17th centuries. Okayama Castle was completed in 1957, and since then Okayama City has continued to develop both ecomically and culturally as a castle town.

Even after suffering the ravages of war in 1945, Okayama City continued to develop as a city. A shinkansen (bullet train) line opened up in 1972, and in 1988 both Okayama Airport and Great Seto Bridge, which links Shikoku and Honshu together, opened. As these and other developements indicate, the city took on a role as a nodal point in the regional transportation network.



Okayama Convention Center  岡山コンベンションセンター

Event Hall, Level 1

14-1 Ekimoto-machi, Kita-ku

Okayama 700-0024


Okayama Convention Center is situated in the center of western Japan's transportation network; a comprehensive convention complex, combining numerous convention facilities that include two large halls, several medium-sized halls and numerous conference rooms.

Okayama Convention Center is conveniently located 30 minutes from Okayama Airport, which provides regular flights to other Asian hub cities, and we are a five minute walk from JR Okayama Station, a major nexus in the railway network of western Japan. Okayamam Prefecture, where the Center is located, is also recommended as a fascinating tourist destination.