~ Correct as at 21 June 2021 ~

Convention Theme

Chinese Metaphysics for Good Fortune & Prosperity

Throughout history, mankind has been on an endless pursuit of prosperity, seeking good fortune to elevate his comforts in life. Prosperity is however much more than wealth alone. Mental and physical wellbeing, interpersonal relationships, career growth – are only some examples of what prosperity comprises. Different societies, cultures and eras define prosperity in their own way, creating differing ways to pursue it. IFSC 2020 will bring together Feng Shui Masters from around the world to share their perspective of good fortune and prosperity and how we can effectively pursue and attain it by leveraging on principles of Chinese Metaphysics. Journey with us as we explore and analyse the pursuit of good fortune and prosperity in the context of diverse cultural and political approaches and techniques.


IFSC 2020 – Convention Programme

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